50 Facts! #Tag

Soo.. this many weeks overdue (dun dunn dunnnnnnn. Alas, mercy! Forgive thee!!!).

A lovely .. fellow blog acquaintance I’ll call her – for lack of a better word (& whose page is now ‘unavailable’ so I can’t find it or tag her.. UGH!) commented on one of my earlier posts and suggested this. If I recall correctly, she was Caribbean but lived in Denmark.. or Europe somewhere. Nonetheless! She encouraged that I did a Facts post as well since I loved her reasoning behind why she did hers to begin with. I told myself I’d do the same within a few days at the time (4/5 months ago maybe) but obviously am now only getting to it! Grr.. sorry, I’m trying! Eek.

I’m blabbering on now so.. here goes! 50 Facts about me (& some recent photos of that I figured kinda sorta fit the ambiance of this here topic!):

  1. I am Zambian by birth/nationality but ..
  2. I have lived in the U.S. since age 14
  3. I don’t like cats
  4. I LOVE dogs! – and am getting one .. one of these years 😀
  5. I used to be afraid of dogs.. (because growing up in Africa.. lol! On a serious but now hilarious note; I did get chased around the neighborhood block by one of my neighbor’s dogs one time. Sigh.)
  6. I’m a LEO and find my birth chart to be eerily accurate. And I’m not talking newspaper horoscopes
  7. I am very intuitive
  8. I have an elder sister and younger brother (middle kid syndrome is totally a thing! Let me know if you are too 😉 #middlechildrenunite)
  9. My younger brother is 11 (ELEVEN) years younger than me
  10. I lived in South Africa for 2 years (well, boarding school – so I went home during holidays)
  11. I have a lot of energy and can be very persistent and super hardworking – better traits
  12. I absolutely need time/space alone sometimes or else I get irritable/sulky – lesser traits :/
  13. I have been to one of the 7 world wonders (dork alert!) – Victoria Falls in 2015 – LOVED IT and definitely going back ASAP! But Zambia is also home HOME so..
  14. I would love to visit: Morocco (culture), Sweden (art/style) and then Egypt, Italy and Greece (history.. and beaches), Iceland (northern lights..and because I would rather not attempt going any more north although I’ve always had a keen curiosity of life in the Poles), Brazil (to see these beautiful women they speak of! hehe), and Ghana (because I have many friends from there and their culture seems very grounded, rich and vast) .. among other places.
  15. I’m generally easy going (or at least I’d like to think so :D) but, no joke – don’t pick from my plate when I’m eating LOL.. biggest pet peeve. Once? Fine. But after that …… Just no. *eye roll* hehe
  16. I like history. I really really really enjoy perspectives of/from the past
  17. History and geography were my favorite subjects in school
  18. I am detail oriented. In the same line of things, I notice and pick up on A LOT of things that I sometimes wish I didn’t or wasn’t too aware of
  19. I like/appreciate design. Or maybe just art overall. Interior, fashion.. lines even. I’m drawn to and appreciate well put together things. I’m going to ramble on a bit here but.. I don’t think there’s such a thing as bad art or design actually because anything creative is subjective to the artist in my opinion.. and creativity is a form of SELF expression. Hence, what is subjective cannot be deemed on a scale of bad or good when its narrowly more a matter of expression through individual perspective. Ya dig? 😉
  20. “How in the actual f%8* did I not ever hear about this show until now?!” – Me reacting to watching Game of Thrones for the first time (in two thousand friction fifteen! #late SMH) after being half-ass willing to do so when I was first nagged about it, then watching all past 7 seasons at that time in about 2 weekends. In short, GOT is my current favorite TV series/show.
  21. Larry David might for sure be my spirit animal – and yes , I LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘Curb..’ ❤ 😀
  22. I have watched the movie ‘About a Boy’ 15+ times. And it’s not even my fav. Maybe it’s Hugh Grant ..
  23. I speak 2 other languages aside from English – Bemba and Nyanja, both vernacular to Zambia
  24. I’m not a grammar nazi although I do notice 98% of grammar errors (lol.. gahh). I will admit though, I cringe a little inside when I meet somebody and they have very bad grammar :/ .. shame on me? Ps. This DOES NOT mean I myself never make grammatical boo boos, so please spare me. HA 😉
  25. I express myself most thoroughly through writing
  26. I’m not the best public speaker – but I am practicing getting better and WANT to get better
  27. I used to be the shiest kid in LIFE!
  28. I have a moody sweet tooth. As in it only flares up once in a long while.. kinda like PMS, once a month kinda gig 😀
  29. I drink coffee every morning
  30. I like tea but mostly black teas – no overzealous flavours please
  31. I am very diplomatic
  32. Melons are my favourite type of fruit – Honey dew, watermelon, cantaloupe.. etc etc.
  33. If something interests me enough and given the opportunity, I will try it at least once
  34. I like to cook/bake and strongly considered the culinary school route once upon a time ..
  35. I like tennis and football/soccer. Basketball is bearable too
  36. I played soccer one season in high school. Ha
  37. I played field hockey one year in primary/middle school
  38. I’ve been to a live basketball game (fun!) but typically am indifferent to it/don’t watch
  39. ‘Pulchritudinous’ is my least favorite word. Great meaning and all, but not only do I have a hard time saying it, it just looks odd.. or maybe I’m odd? 😀
  40. I am very expressive
  41. I can be indecisive – which annoys even me myself sometimes
  42. Did I mention I like words?
  43. To put it simply so that I don’t end up writing paragraphs, I have a lot questions about and am fascinated by LIFE
  44. I generally am for the notion of quality over quantity
  45. I am 29 years old
  46. I don’t have a favorite color .. more dependent on my mood
  47. Red lipstick has been my favorite on me so far.. although I seriously, seriously think I look best with no lip color at all
  48. I rarely drink juice but I like Mango and Guava juices. Apple juice? Neverrr!
  49. Brunch isn’t officially a meal (I think)? .. so breakfast is my fav!
  50. I don’t have a favorite artist/music or actor/actress, etc. Whatever feels/sounds good to me that day, then that’s it 😉
  51. Bonus: I am fascinated by the renaissance era(14th – 16th century) ..but then I remember this is also the age when the now modern strides in medicine were thoroughly tested and anesthesia wasn’t so much a thing.. among a handful of other gruesome things that were apparently normal then. Sigh.


  1. Didn’t know where to contact you. I no longer have my IG but I was reading through blogs and realized you haven’t posted in a while. Lol. Neither have I. I know you were looking forward to summer and it’s now over, wanted to see if everything went as planned. Also happy birthday. I don’t remember exactly when you said it would be. But hope it was EVERYTHING you wanted.

    1. OMGASH Shereen!!! You’re back! Reading this literally actually just lifted my spirits in this moment lol 😀 I first noticed you disappeared about 2 weeks ago on both Insta and here and was like …sigh :/. I literally thought about it a few minutes as I scoured checking both here and Insta thinking I wonder what happened! Super glad to see this message and to know you actually thought similarly! :). Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! thats very sweet. HAHA! I like that I’m being held accountable for the things I write 😀 My summer was good, although I really could have done more (or do we all almost always feel that way?).. no complaints though because it’s more of a ‘me’ execution issue than any one else’s fault. Clearly still living and learning.. smh :). Hope things are alright on your end? I so appreciate you reaching out! XO

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