Derby Weekend!

Hello friends! 🙂

Long timeee! I thought I’d share a few photos from the VA Gold Cup, a derby I attended two weekends ago. Yes, there was and actual horse race (d’oh! ;)) and betting, but naturally, I was more taken by the outfits and overall ambiance of the event. It’s different. It’s not everyday you go to a derby, so I was all for it when my lovely friend Tumi asked me, among a few other girlfriends, to accompany her. This was actually my 2nd time at a derby event, although maybe my 1st time doesn’t quite count because I had to have been 19 – maybe 20, carefree and likely in jeans and a t shirt, and literally tagging along with friends of friends who’d invited us to hang out because the singer Mya was going to be performing there – go figure.

Long story short, despite the imminent rain, it was a grand day to say the very least. #MEMORABLE







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