Life Phase: Adulting.

When you realize you’re actually adulting. ..

These last few weeks, it has become apparent to me (because apparently where have I been from ages 18 to now, right?) that I am actually ACTUALLY an adult. I now have adult problems, folks! Is this a thing? It is, right? HA!

I’m almost giggling because for so long growing up, my mother would.. (what I then called “complaining about everything”) make it a point to plaster on about how hard life is and that you have to work for and toward every and anything you want. That fact has never been lost on me quite frankly – it’s just that now, it appears I am living it! (gasp). Adulthood is staring me right in the face and I cannot run backwards (like, run back to where right? .. the womb? Pfft. Reality check! *nervous smiles*).

At 29, never once in the last 10 or so years (because the adulthood summit is 18, they said) have I rushed home after work in anticipation to pour myself a chilled glass of wine because WORK STRESS. Oh my gosh; I’m actually fucking adulting and I’m not even faking! Gahh! This is hilarious. If you must know, this is a live feed of thoughts; I’m on the metro ride home after said stressful day – such an adult.

Evidently, this is the ‘how many times can you say adult in one day’ blog post. They say age is just a number, and I do believe that – we each should keep thee child likeness in us alive. Up until today however, I never actually felt such a demarcation officially distinguishing that marker as an adult. Alas, it is indeed the end of an era. LOL.. not an end to my childhood (hello, I AM a whole 29 years old after all), but more so an end to second guessing myself, relying on an OK from others, and everything else along those lines. Yes I’ve BEEN an adult a whole decade by societal standard, but I can’t be the only one that at some point, as I have these last few weeks, felt the adultness of it all. Life indeed is a juggling act. Well, friends – chin chins to Juggling it all, and most of all juggling it well!




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