Not those kinds of ‘girlfriends’ — calm ya t*ts! ūüėČ .. the sisterhood kind. No discrimination here though still.. ‚̧

I’ve been thinking a lot (surprise! tahaa) about friendship in general over the last few weeks. I’m actually writing this on a whim because I felt the need to get this stream of thoughts down ASAP. Ever felt that way before? .. needing to actually write because the thought is weighing on your mind so you have of “off load”..? I’m also the type who FEELS very vividly so the act of writing itself is in some ways like exhaling to me – Gosh I hope that made sense :D.

Anyway, here it is!

Sometimes snarky, most times sweet; you elevate me when I’m down, and challenge me to do and BE better always.

You give your honest take on situations and share wisdom with compassion as if to try and protect me from walking through or into some of your own past mistakes.

You dance and laugh with me during the best of times, but then cry and empathize with me in moments when I feel less than able.

I understand now that the ordinary girl sitting next to me is more ways than not, much like me. Her bursts of negativity may scream otherwise, but she just wants to be accepted and loved for exactly who she is. She wants to be shown she is appreciated and that her presence is a welcome gesture upon which she can still flourish.

There is no greater bond than that of an honest and endearing sisterhood.¬†I now truly understand the words “women are the pillars of the world”. To have differences is to be human because we are each individuals. Nevertheless, we are always stronger together and in congruence, than we ever could be apart. Inevitably, your strength is mine and mine is equally yours. Together we navigate and continue to teach one another how to fearlessly¬†navigate the troughs, whimsical moments and extraordinary experiences only you and I could ever understand. Separate but one, you are my mother, my sister and absolutely my friend.


Photo: Google. I actually found this years ago and compiled it to be part of this earlier post.






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