Taking Stock: #4



It’s been 2 months since my last post huh? Shit. Slackaroo!

I haven’t been entirely absent though because I do scroll WordPress and the blogs I follow almost daily. Procrastination is the culprit really. Anyway, we’re cutting the crap; Taking Stock, entry #4 .. mini freestyle edition 🙂

Feeling: Good and ready for anything! It’s Monday and I woke up early enough to make it out to the gym. That makes it a good day already 😉

Enjoying: My job, believe it or not. Atypical answer I know, but I actually really enjoy my job, you guys! This isn’t to say there aren’t times when I’m overwhelmed. I think I love that it challenges me and plays well to bring out my best natural traits.

Cooking:  *crickets*…… who am I right now?! 😦

Liking: … (and appreciating!) my friends. I’m very grateful for the people in my life who keep me humble, challenged and force me to aim higher.

Reading: Not yet started, but I picked up Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’; heard and read some excellent reviews.

Looking Forward: I CANNOT wait for the summer this year! It’s not like the summer is some novel thing right – cause it comes around every year (hello!).. but for whatever reason, I’m SO looking forward to it this year! In case you forget (teehee), I turn 30 in August! Maybe that’s why? Dunno. All I know is – IT’S GONNA BE THE MOST EPIC SUMMER! Full stop.

Random thought: I’m going to stop right here because I’m actually finding this template to be somewhat redundant.HA (see earlier ‘Taking Stock’ posts). I’m going to think of a way I can maybe spruce up this template a bit.

OK! I’m gonna click ‘Publish’ now before this is sitting in my drafts for another 2 months LOL..







  1. being the slacker that I am, I haven’t been to the gym for about 3 weeks. I was sick for a week and half so that’s my excuse.

    I hate my job! its killing all of my brain cells. Not challenging at all!

    You’re one of the few people I know excited about turning 30. Everyone complains about how old they are, etc… i was just telling my friend how fortunate he is to be turning 31, some people don’t even make it to their 20s!! growing old is definitely something to be excited about!! I hope you blog about your summer, it sounds like is going to be “lit”

    1. Hi Shereen! 🙂 Hope you’ve been OK .. but I totally get the gym thing. It’s one of those things I’ve come to learn that you literally have to JUST DO IT though! Sigh. Not always a breeze but I’ve never forced once myself to go and ended up regretting.

      I might be abnormally excited for 30! LOL.. somehow I just know my 30s will for sure be my best years so far. I think back to things that made me cringe or shy a decade ago and it’s like why? I’m sure having a solid sense of who I am has a lot to do with age/experience so I’m having fun with recognizing my own growth. I have a few acquaintances as well who are scared of turning 30 but to me, it seems counterproductive. You can cry and be mad all you want but that won’t stop it from happening. Might as well bask and have fun with it .. and FFS 30 is not old haha! Also, I likely will do a post about my birthday! 🙂 XO

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