There’s no other way to sway or segway into this post other than to express how very happy I am! My family, friends, and even work … I couldn’t be happier and more content. This is me just wanting to put a placeholder on my expression for the deep gratitude I feel to anyone that will listen. Literally. No joke (although sort of funny still) – I dated a guy a few years ago that I’m pretty sure I actually told “you’re wayyyyyy too happy” one or two times. I found his state of literal constant elation slightly annoying, but I can actually now relate. I was clearly is a very different head space then, and honestly thinking back, had a lot of figuring out of myself to do still. It’s crystal clear now why it never ultimately worked out. I believe in that EVERYTHING is energy, and Mr. Happy and I simply were not energetically aligned. Cliche, but your vibe DOES attract your tribe.. but that’s a topic for another day.

I’m so thankful for today, this moment, and all the amazing things I know will manifest in my life this year and throughout my life ahead. I can truly say I’m excited about life and very little can bring me down at this point. More and more I’m realizing every little blessing around me and that magnifies to me how truly appreciative I should be for everything that adds up to make my life what it is – especially since life has a stench capacity to be “hard”. No one gets immunity in that regard, so I’m appreciating my present, my in-depth happiness.

Many times we take for granted the simplest things such as having an actual bed to sleep in at night. That thought ran through my mind as I walked home from the Metro in the frigid cold since the temperatures dipped pretty low these last few days. I’m so grateful that I am able to fully function overall and in turn am be able to support myself, as well as cater to my needs. I’m grateful that my family are healthy and that looking back, so much in my life has come a long way – and yet this is just the beginning of much greater things to come. This is sounding a lot like the ‘thankful’ post I wrote a few weeks ago, but I guess it is testament to how truly grateful I am for this present time in my life. I am hopeful for even better times ahead and am glad I am able to realize the extremely good things in my life now when I can relay those sentiments, versus in times of peril or discontent when these thoughts are, in those moments, just another sweet memory. I’m certainly not perfect and neither is my life, but in this moment, there simply is nothing for me to complain about. ..

I guess this is a good place to end this post and get back to LIVING! Lovely day to ya .. whenever and from wherever you’re reading this 🙂



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