New Year, New You? (AGAIN?!)

New Year, New Me: This has for sure become a thing. Or maybe I’m (or we as a whole?) just noticing this more now because social media inevitably displays everyone’s thoughts on a micro level .. generally speaking. I’m all for people setting goals, but speaking from my own experience, I rarely fully sustain achieving that one goal that I’m very sure millions out there can relate to. Losing weight, fitness journey.. whatever you personally call it – this is a goal that many embark on and barely get through January before basically giving up.

Long story short for me, it comes down to a matter of lack in consistency. Just before the end of the year, I began doing my gym routine, yet again, with the goal that I would lose a few and hope for the best. It dawned on me a day or two after though, that this is something I have done at least 3 times in the last 5 years: I have started the year off with the intent to lose weight (which I am always able to), but by May (latest!), I either convince myself that I’m OK just the way I am, or I simply stop trying. Inevitably by November/December, I’m thinking about how to yet again start trying to lose the weight I gained back.

INSANITY! … & NOT the workout -_- 

Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Surely, this CANNOT continue to be my life. I refuse. In the midst of my thought, I realized that yes, I know this is clearly a pattern I have going, but what is at the root of this? How do I change this? I literally asked myself “Angela, what is your biggest weakness .. your Achilles heel?”. Oddly enough, the answer came to me quick; Inconsistency. I tend to start off with a lot of energy and fire, then burn out.. or what obviously seems like it. I can’t remember where I read or heard this, but it went something like how you do any one thing is how you do everything. Basically, that our habits essentially become our life. The problem is I keep starting and stopping. I am inconsistent and I do not follow through. This is a harsh truth that I know I needed to swallow. But I also know this is not who I want to continue to be. Our daily habits impact so many areas of our lives. I keep going back to how this is the year I turn 30 – which by the way I’m totally comfortable with now (as opposed to when I turned 29 and the reality of it mentally hit me like a brick), but I remember thinking WOW.. 30 and I’m still fighting myself over this huh? Suddenly the number 30 was a marker. Yes, I’m still young and hopefully will live long enough to enjoy even my 70th, 80th and even 90th birthdays.. but I am a FULL ON ADULT NOW (not that I wasn’t or didn’t feel like it before but its a milestone age. You know THAT feeling) AND WILL LIKELY BE SOMEONE’S MUM (because who doesn’t want to be the very best they can be for their child right? Sigh) ..ONE OF THESE UPCOMING 10 YEARS OR SO! Somehow this showed me in bold, bright lights how far in my life has come, and that every single day does indeed count. Suddenly all these cliches like life is what you make it or that life waits for no man make sense. I don’t have much to show for my past efforts in trying to lose weight because it was always temporary. Thankfully, more that any other time in my life, I know through other experiences that nothing in this life is impossible. Nothing at all! Everything works the way it should.

Making Way and Looking Ahead ..

To quote the great Isaac Newton, for every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. I don’t doubt that my output from working out and being conscious of what I eat and then losing weight is a clear example of this. Unfortunately this law applies just the same when your output/effort lessen or seize altogether. When it comes down to it, it is as simple as that. I am aware this is easier said than done, although the reality is that this is a fundamental truth. The efforts you continuously put in determine the results you will continually see, and there is no start or finish because it’s a continuous process. It has to be. In all my past attempts, I can say that at least for me, trimming down is evidently the easier part. Determination, rigor, drive, willpower, etc –  these are great and are what get you started, but consistency must be worked injunction because it IS the only mechanism that you will have to show for your efforts in the long run.

What is it that helps to make you consistent? That for me has be the driving question this time around. The true testament to my story will only unfold over time. I do however know that I am fed up with having to start over yet again. This time, I am vowing to challenge myself and see to it that I follow through and keep moving. I know it will not be easy, but nothing worth having ever is – and maybe that’s the problem; that was want the easy way, the comfort zone.. but we know nothing grand ever grows out of a comfort zone. I have known for a while that tackling this one battle with myself will mean me having overcome the biggest barrier to all the capabilities and heights I know I can eventually reach. So today I ask you; what if you DID make this the last time you have to start over with losing the same 10, 20, 50 or 100 lbs? ..  And why not? Nothing is impossible.. nothing at all.

With love and good intent for both me and you!




  1. I have been losing the same 10lbs for years!!! I too am the same way when it comes to starting the year out with healthy habits and going to the gym. By December , I’ll realize I’ve paid the gym about 7 months without stepping foot in there then I start back up again. The cycle continues…

    1. Isn’t it both sad and annoying? HA. Apparently a lot of others do this – but that doesn’t make it ok.. or normal lol. Too many fluctuations cant’t be good.. most especially mentally cause it messes with you. Ugh

  2. Goshhhh every single day is a new start for me to work out hahaha!! I’m tired of putting pressure on myself so now I just work out whenever I feel like it LOL. Good luck with your goals!!!!xo, Jey💕🤗🌼

    1. Hi Jey! .. Yes I’m so determined to have this be a part of my life really.. the same way I reach for breakfast everyday or need to bathe everyday or need to breathe in and out so that I remain alive even (haha), etc. .. that’s to the level I would like to normalize working out and eating a balanced diet in my life. I have to make it my default.. keep watching! eek 🙂 XO

  3. I sure can relate to this. I seem to only gain weight. I am at the age where supposedly that is to be expected, but I am really bad with the discipline. I have not been able to stick to any diet or exercise plan. Will power, I guess I just don’t have it. I am good at making excuses. Right now it is too cold, but just wait until Spring. I hope that I can keep that promise.
    Thanks for following my blog. I am now following yours. I look forward to reading more of your writing, this very first post I read has me hooked. Nice to meet you. I sure need some inspiration.

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